Another day, another factually incorrect tweet from celebrity socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this time attacking conservative podcaster Luke Thompson, the guy who first called out potential shenanigans with her chief of staff and a PAC:

Daniel Dale, who has become the media’s go-to guy on fact-checking the president, helpfully pointed out that what she just tweeted is not true:

She did later tweet this correction:

But’s it’s also inaccurate. Via The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson:

Both tweets are inaccurate.
A) @ltthompso used to work for Right to Rise; there’s no indication he was involved in PAC’s wrongdoing
B) Right to Rise didn’t file any FEC complaints against @AOC
C) Luke doesn’t work for any of the ethics groups filing her complaints against her

Screenshot for posterity:

“A clever dodge”:

Or maybe, like her colleague Ilhan Omar, AOC also “has a different experience with words”:

Ane we eagerly await the brave firefighters who will no doubt call her out for attacking a private citizen: