It’s almost as if someone has been telling us of a growing emergency on the southern border that Dems want to pretend doesn’t exist. From the Washington Post:

From the article titled, “Record number of families, cold reality at border”:

Groups like this arrived again and again in February, one of the coldest and busiest months along the southern border in years. U.S. authorities detained more than 70,000 migrants last month, according to preliminary figures, up from 58,000 in January. The majority were Central American parents with children who arrived, again, in unprecedented numbers.

During a month when the border debate was dominated by the fight over President Trump’s push for a wall, unauthorized migration in fiscal 2019 is on pace to reach its highest level in a decade. Department of Homeland Security officials say they expect the influx to swell in March and April, months that historically see large increases in illegal crossings as U.S. seasonal labor demand rises.

Catch and release is back, baby . . . but with better seats in Economy Plus:

And as Mark Krikorian points out, these numbers are even worse: