This fat rat is going viral over on Twitter right now after getting rescued by Berufstierrettung Rhein Neckar, an animal rescue organization in Auerbach, Germany:

Apparently, it takes a village to rescue a rat:

But they did eventually save the rodent. There’s even video of the rescue courtesy of the animal rescue worker’s bodycam:

Although the group did have to defend its actions over on Facebook from people angry at the use of taxpayer money to rescue the chubby pest:

Love community,

We are honored and happy about this high sympathy for the rescue of the rat man in bensheim.

We, as well as the voluntary fire brigade, are more than just amazed how many media portals – even international – have reported about it, where we all actually did our work. We don’t really understand the hype either.

But what was really nice to us is the innumerable many positive mails we got. We have now been asked several times how to support us financially.

But there is also a lot of criticism, which we naturally accept. For One, the action may be covered, for the others it was not worth the rat, etc.

Many even look at their taxpayer s’ money and demand that the fire department be charged.

And you know what? Yes, we do. We like to take the cost of the fire department Give me that.
We’d do it again!

But what we find completely unacceptable is the hatred of a small creature and the comments on the killing of the animal.
Everyone may have their opinion on it, but on our side we do not tolerate any despicable calls for killing an animal!

Anyone who wants to support us may be happy to donate. We are entitled to issue receipts.
Many animals will continue to be saved, regardless of what species it is. And if we have to, we’ll pay the feuerwehreinsätze.

Vocational Rhein-neckar
Sparkasse Donnersberg
Iban: De25 5405 1990 0007 0322
Bic: Malade51rok

[email protected]

Thank you very much for all friends, helpers and supporters!

And after the rescue, the two little girls who first reported on the rat’s predicament gave the rescuer a drawing to thank him for his work: