It appears some of the writers from “Empire” have gone radio silent now that it looks like Jussie Smollet’s story has fallen apart.

Writer Josh Allen, who tweeted under the handle @joshofanarchy, even deleted his whole account over it:

This was the same account who said local Chicago reporter Rob Elgas should lose his job over his Smollett reporting:

Here’s the text of the now-deleted tweet, via Revolt.TV:

All I know is, @RobElgasABC7 needs to be out of a job. There’s irresponsible journalism, and then there’s what he and @ABC7Chicago did tonight — emboldening the haters. I have written on Empire from day one and no one EVER discussed writing Jussie off. EVER. KNOCK IT OFF

Cameron Johnson, another writer for “Empire,” jumped in saying Elgas to “report something that was demonstrably false”:

But Elgas asked him to “provide more details” and for some reason, he hasn’t responded:

As a matter of fact, the official account for the writers, @EmpireWriters, has been silent as well:

20th Century Fox did release a statement, as we told you, but they did not answer if there have been script changes or if his role was reduced, just that he’s, as of now, still on the show: