Congratulations to former Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores who was just hired by CNN as a political editor:

LOL. Her background as DOJ spox and campaign manager for Carly Fiorina is not sitting well with some, but as Josh Baro points out, they should just chill out:

It’s still early, but we’re already seeing some liberal blue-checks have a meltdown at the news. Here’s former Hillary spox Jessie Lehrich who posted some of Isgur’s old tweets which, amusingly, criticize CNN:

And here’s one where she went after Chris Cuomo:

Media Matters’ Parker Molloy is worried that CNN will now end up giving away “free Trump ads”:

And Media Matters’ Simon Maloy doesn’t like that she doesn’t have a background in journalism:

Erick Erickson likes the move, so Media Matters is against it:

And we will point out that the politics-to-press pipeline is pretty common: