Lynne Patton, who was a breakout star of the 2016 GOP convention and is currently the director of HUD’s District 2 covering New York and New Jersey, is spending the month in New York City public housing to highlight the need for a federal monitor to oversee management of the facilities.

And today, while at the Douglass Houses with reporters, she got stuck in an elevator:

The FDNY was quickly called to help them out:

According to reports, the elevator may have been overloaded:

At issue is that a ton of federal money goes to NYC yet the buildings are in horrible shape. This has gotten the attention of the president:

Patton will be sharing her finding with the federal monitor next week:

So, where’s the money going?

This is, as Hillary said, deplorable:

Good for her:

The federal monitor, who has yet to be named, will be overseeing the NYCHA after an agreement was struck between the city and HUD to give up control. From the New York Daily News:

The city, under the agreement, will commit at least $2.2 billion in funding for NYCHA over the next 10 years.

“We were able to put aside any political differences and think about what would provide the right environment for the people here,” Carson said at a news conference at Manhattan’s Federal Plaza. “I’m very excited about what we have agreed to here because I think it sets a great precedent for what can be done in other places around the country.

“Obviously we’re going to have to get to the root causes of things and fix them. Having a safe and nurturing environment is key to human development. If we want our people to be developed appropriately we need to provide those basic resources to get them there.”

De Blasio, who tried to strike an upbeat note as he sat at a table during the press conference, signed his name to the accord and said he and Carson found “common ground.”

Good work, everyone.