So, there’s a rumor flying around that 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) once forced a staffer to shave her legs . . .

. . . a rumor that actually made it onto one of the episodes of HBO’s “Veep”:

Executive Producer David Mandel later admitted in an interview with Slate that Klobuchar was indeed the basis for the bit:

In an interview, Mandel told me the gag was based on something the writers had heard about Klobuchar. (Disclosure: My brother has worked on the show for the past two seasons.)

“It is a well-known rumor that we were told a million times by millions of people,” Mandel said of the leg-shaving story.

When asked for comment, a representative for Klobuchar said the rumor was completely false and added, “This is ridiculous.”

And they wanted to actually have a staffer shave Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ legs in the show, but they didn’t do it because it seemed “so absurd”:

Exit question: How many other of the fictional president’s gaffes are inspired by Sen. Klobuchar? A lot of the reporting on Klobuchar, in retrospect, does sound like it happened to Gary on the show:

For example:




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