As we told you on Sunday, Fox News’ Dana Perino came under fire because some people on Twitter didn’t think her Super Bowl queso looked appetizing. Here it is again ICYMI:

Despite how it may have looked, people loved it:

After some good-natured ribbing from her colleagues at Fox News, Dana explained on air how she used a recipe she found online that attempted to clone the queso found at Chili’s Grill & Bar:

And Chili’s wasn’t happy to get dragged into it, saying this is how queso is supposed to look. Um, it looks the same as Dana’s, except Dana’s is in a slow cooker and this is in a skillet (maybe Dana could have given hers a little stir before snapping the photo, however):

Chili’s quickly tried to make friends though:

And Dana was as gracious as ever:

This brings us to Vox, which somehow found a way to eff up its ‘splainer of Dana Perino’s queso:

You see, Vox linked to a Dana Perino tweet and accused her of using cream of mushroom soup in the dish, which the Vox queso expert said you should never use in queso:

If possible, it got worse when Perino shared her recipe for the queso in question. Standard queso ingredients include things like chiles and beef; Perino’s involved ingredients from further afield of the typical Tex-Mex pantry, like cream of mushroom soup. (For the record, one should never put cream of mushroom soup in queso.)

Check the date, Vox . . . that tweet was from 2016:

And the cream of mushroom queso looks pretty good, Dana:

Oh, and by the way Vox? That cream of mushroom queso was the winner:

Never change, Vox. Never. Change.