Just to update you on this story we told you earlier about the runner in Colorado who fought off a juvenile mountain lion and killed it without using a weapon, it turns out it was less than a year old:

A kitten. He killed a kitten.

From the State of South Dakota, titled “MOUNTAIN LION IDENTIFICATION AND

Newborn kittens are heavily spotted for the first three months of life, and then the spots begin to fade. Typically by six months of age the spots have almost completely faded. However this can vary. Kittens may still have faded spots when they are a year old. At two to three months, kittens typically have been weaned and begin traveling with the mother. Kittens three months old weigh approximately 15 to 20 pounds. At six months of age kittens will weigh approximately 35 to 45 pounds (see pictures on next page for examples). Kittens stay with their mother until they become independent sometime between 10 to 18 months old. Seeing a female mountain lion alone does not mean that she does not have dependent kittens.

So, how much did the kitten weigh at the time of the attack? They obviously have the answer to this and aren’t reporting it for some reason.