At his stop in New Hampshire on Tuesday, billionaire Green New Deal cheerleader Michael Bloomberg was asked about his personal CO2 footprint. You know, things like if he’s a vegetarian and what type of “environementally friendly car” he drives. Questions that any self-respecting climate-change alarmist should be able to knock out of the park.

But nah.

Bloomberg, who wants you to cut your CO2 footprint, dodge the question entirely and talked about Cheez-It crackers instead. Literally.

Watch for yourself:

Clown show in progress:

You see, you can’t drink soda but he can eat all the damn Cheez-Its he wants:

Hey, private jets don’t run on batteries! What do you want him to do? Take a bus like a normal mortal?

He’s also planning to spend the next 12 months alcohol-free, as if that had anything to do with her question:

Great. How soon until he proposes Prohibition 2.0?