This really is a much watch…

Here’s Bret Baier’s emotional return to the anchor chair Tuesday night after the horrific car crash in Montana that sent his entire family to the hospital (it gets a little dusty in here):

According to the AP, this is a photo of the accident scene:


Baier, 48, said a passing motorist stopped and the family was able to climb out of the flipped vehicle. He said first responders got them to a hospital quickly, from which he says they left “banged up but alive.”

A photo provided by the Montana Highway Patrol showed Baier’s vehicle on its side in a snowy ditch. Three passengers in Baier’s vehicle were treated for minor injuries that he described as “a concussion, 14 stitches on a chin, a jostled tooth and a sprained ankle.”

One passenger in the truck was also transported to a hospital for minor injuries, said John Barnes, a spokesman for the Montana Department of Justice.

David, who Baier mentioned in the video had helped rescued his family, was taking a friend to the hospital for a cancer treatment at the time of the crash:

Rachel Maddow even sent pizzas to the Highway Patrol to thank them for rescuing Baier and his family:

“Special Report” will be buying lunch today: