There’s a new poll out from the Kaiser Family Foundation on Medicare-for-all that Dem Minnesota AG Keith Ellison thinks is really, really good news for his side as it shows that 71% of Americans support the plan when told it would “guarantee health insurance as a right for all Americans”:

But that’s a whole lot of spin. The poll also shows that support “plunges” when people are told they have to pay for the free health care:

Well, the smart Dems are backing off or know the consequences of pushing it:

The poll does find support for incremental change, but that doesn’t sell for Dems in 2020. Note that Republicans also support incremental change as well. From KFF:

Larger majorities of the public favor more incremental changes to the health care system such as a Medicare buy-in plan for adults between the ages of 50 and 64 (77 percent), a Medicaid buy-in plan for individuals who don’t receive health coverage through their employer (75 percent), and an optional program similar to Medicare for those who want it (74 percent). Both the Medicare buy-in plan and Medicaid buy-in plan also garner majority support from Republicans (69 percent and 64 percent­).