And then it was done…

GoFundMe announced on Friday that it was returning all of the donations — roughly $ 20 million — for that campaign that raised funds to help pay for President Trump’s border wall:

According to Buzzfeed’s Bri Sacks, GoFundMe took this action after Brian Kolfage, the veteran behind the GoFundMe who we told you about yesterday and his past fundraising shenanigans, allegedly changed the terms of the fundraising which left in doubt if the money would be paid back if the campaign did not meet its $1 billion goal:

Refunds will be automatic unless a donor tells GoFundMe that he or she does not want the funds returned and instead sent to a new 501(c)(4) non-profit company that’s been set up build a portion of the wall on private land:

Kolfage accused Sacks of lying and attempting to “derail our perfect plan”:

GoFundMe released a statement explaining their actions:

The new company that donors can choose to fund, seeks to build a wall on private land that it acquires in Texas:

And it has put together a pretty high-profile board of directors:

Kolfage tweeted that his new group is ready to break ground in months: