NBC News has obtained a photo from DHS that shows a steel fence can be sawed through, which everyone with at least a few active brain cells know is possible:

Why the eff does NBC News think this is a dunk? OF COURSE a steel fence can be cut through if you have the right tools and such:

Plus the article even debunks itself:

And why does NBC News think this is actually something new?

Rep. Ted Lieu, however, has a particularly dumb take on all of this:

It gets worse:

In other words, a hole in the fence shows why a fence won’t work to stop illegal immigration, which is why we need no fence at all. Brilliant. We asked Rep. Lieu about current fencing in place, and he’s somehow OK with 1st Century technology:

In other words, 1st Century technology is great as long as DACA is included in the deal. What a clown show.

And we eagerly await steel expert Rosie O’Donnell to weigh in on how SAWS CAN CUT STEEL (Note: we forgot just how stupid everyone at The View sounded when talking about 9/11–wow, that’s bad):