At a Charlotte city council meeting last night, Republican Mark Harris triggered a fire alarm as he fled from reporters attempting to ask questions on the disputed election for North Carolina’s 9th congressional district:

Video of his escape here:

Harris outran reporter Joe Bruno and escaped to a nearby church:

Terry Allen from Fox 46, however, ended up trapped in the fire stairwell:

Harris later tweeted that he ran away so he could watch the Clemson-Alabama national championship game, which is a pretty good reason tbh:

NC Democratic party chairman Wayne Goodwin, a formal fire marshall, scolded Harris for setting off the fire alarm:

And Harris’ Dem opponent, Dan McCready, got in a little dig as well:

Harris did sit down with reporters today and apologized for his quick exit last night:

The November election has yet to be certified over allegations of election fraud by Republicans and it doesn’t look like things will be settled anytime soon: