Well, this is quite the plot twist…

CNN’s Brian Stelter shared this quote from AP editor Sally Buzbee saying that the Trump-Russia probes have “gone on so long that it’s difficult to be able to assess what in this investigation is truly serious and what is not serious. So that is one thing journalists struggle with a little bit”:

That’s a pretty honest take, right?

WRONG! Check out the hate from fellow blue-checks aimed directly at Buzbee:

Former Hillary staffer Adam Parkhomenko:

Josh Marshall, TPM:

Soledad O’Brien:

Eric Boehlert:

Joan Walsh:

Natasha Bertrand, The Atlantic:

Obama bro Brian Beutler:

Matthew Yglesias:

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti:

Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah:

Charles Pierce:

We love it when they eat their own.