Unbelievably, the story of the Der Spiegel reporter who faked his articles, including one on Trump supporters in Minnesota, got worse over the weekend as it was learned that he pocketed donations for one of the Syrian orphans he invented:

What a monster:

And “disgusting” is a pretty mild way to describe it:

With that said, Richard Grenell, our ambassador in Germany, questioned how Der Spiegel on “how this fraud happened”:

And this mild and warranted criticism from Ambassador Grenell, for some reason, triggered the ever-loving crap out of former NY Post sports reporter Bart Hubbuch:

Over to you, Twitter. Any comment on the status of this guy’s coveted blue check?

Because if Amb. Grenell was a liberal, we assume Twitter would’ve taken action by now:

Hubbuch wasn’t done, however:

Where the eff is the consistency in Twitter’s enforcement policies?