Somehow we fell down a rabbit hole this afternoon and discovered that there are a ton of angry people who share surveillance video of FedEx drivers behaving badly and it’s pretty freaking funny.

Here are some of the best ones we’ve found this holiday season…

If at first you don’t succeed, fail a second time:

The toss-and-run:

TBH, this person’s driveway looks like a nightmare to navigate:

And when vans go in reverse, bad things happen:

The casual flip:

The benefit of delivering the package in the middle of the driveway is that it makes it much easier for people walking by to steel:

The casual toss-and-go:

Trampling on the grass and throwing the package:

This driver is in trouble for using the package to ring the doorbell even though he placed it down gently. They can never win:

This FedEx driver didn’t actually deliver anything to this house. It’s just a handy way to turn around … at full speed:

So close!

Maybe it’s legal to do this in Toronto?

Actually, with all those dogs around, she’s lucky he just didn’t throw the package out the window:

We bet this woman never has any problems with her deliveries:


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