A stretch of the 134 freeway near Los Angeles has been named in honor of President Barack Obama:

Because why not honor Mr. Hope-and-Change with gridlock and excess CO2 emissions? At the very least, couldn’t they have cleaned up the trash around the brand new signs?

Is this really the Christmas presents California libs were dreaming of? If so, that’s really, really sad:

Cocaine Mitch, do your thing:

And it’s also pretty sad that Obama only gets 5 miles of road named after him:

The signs rename roughly a five-mile stretch of the 134 (Ventura Freeway) the “President Barack H. Obama Highway.”

In Florida, Ronald Reagan has all 312 miles of the Florida Turnpike:

WHEREAS, the people of Florida desire to honor President Reagan in the State of Florida, the Department
of Transportation is directed to erect suitable markers designating the “Ronald Reagan Turnpike” as described in subsection (1).

Do better, California, because this is insulting.


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