Sean Davis of The Federalist points out the DOJ still hasn’t produced the 302 report on the first meeting between FBI agents and Michael Flynn in its latest filing with Judge Emmet G. Sullivan.

Davis writes, “Earlier this week, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ordered DOJ to produce the FBI 302 of the FBI interview of Flynn. Those documents were just filed. There is no 302 of the interview. Instead, there’s a 302 of an interview of *Strzok* talking about the interview 6 months later.”

There is a 302 report that was prepared six months after this first meeting, but no original. Davis notes that the later 302 report references an earlier 302 report, but that earlier one was not included:

Another potential red flag in all of this is the date of the 302 report that was included, which was prepared shortly before Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were fired:

Exit question: So, where’s this missing 302?