In the history of Vox, this has to be one of the voxxiest takes of all time, and that’s saying something:

Keep in mind they’re not talking about socialism in say Sweden or another Nordic country. The anthropologist is basing her thesis on East-freaking-Germany:

If that sounds strange to you, consider this: A survey of East and West Germans after reunification in 1990 found that Eastern women (the socialist side of Germany during the Cold War) had twice as many orgasms as Western women.

What in the world accounts for such a wide gap?

According to Ghodsee, it’s about social safety nets. If, she argues, you build a society that supports women and doesn’t punish them for having children or devalue their labor, it turns out they’ll be happier and have better sex.

Oh, yes … that infamous East German social safety net really gets the ladies in the mood:

Or maybe they’re having better sex because there was nothing else to do?

Or maybe the women were just into it:

The constant hunger and worry about the secret police busting in at any moment just added to the excitement, right?

Well, when every day could be your last…

Of course, there is another side to this that found the exact opposite, but whatever:

Other than that Vox, a great read.