Remember Rodney Smith Jr.? He became a sensation this summer as he traveled to all 50 states to mow peoples’ lawns for free:

Rodney is back with a new project and it’s even more awesome than the free lawn service. Now Rodney is headed to all 50 states and, dressed as Santa Claus, he’s handing out supplies like coats and sleeping bags to homeless people and then surprising them by granting them what they want for Christmas:

For example, he gave this mother-to-be in Salt Lake City supplies and a hotel room for the night:

And he bought these two men from Boise tickets home to Daytona Beach, FL where they said “they could get back on their feet”:

This man in Portland said he wanted a tent and Rodney delivered:

This couple from Missouri just wanted a place to take a hot bath:

This Colorado woman wanted a phone so she could call her family:

This man from Wyoming just wanted a beard trimmer:

These folks in Seattle wanted dry clothes:

Rodney’s next stop in Omaha, NE:

Here’s what Rodney wants us to do at home:

Although he does accept donations and hotel room sponsorships via his website. Link here.