What a clown!

Piers Morgan is having a snit fit over allegedly getting ghosted by ‘EX-friend’ Meghan Markle after she met Prince Harry:

Morgan went on to claim Meghan just used his friendship to further her own career in Hollywood, because nobody in Hollywood, the media or royalty has ever done such a thing before:

According to Morgan, Meghan “landed the role of her life” now that she’s married to a prince:

Oh, and Piers wasn’t above dropping this hint that he has “sensitive things” he could share with the media, but he would never, ever do such a thing:

She spoke very candidly about her family – there were some private, sensitive things she told me I would never repeat because they were said in confidence – Donald Trump (she’s not a fan), and of course, Suits.

But it’s Meghan who’s ruthless?

Pathetic is right:



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