Meet Knickers, the steer (which is different than a cow). And as you can see, Knickers looks very, very big:

And it’s not a photoshop:

Video proof, although Reuters thinks the castrated male bovine is a cow, which he’s not:

But, alas, all good things must get debunked. Knickers is 7 years old and surrounded by smaller and younger Wagyu cattle which only grow to “about 1.4 meters” (5.5 feet) and that’s why he looks so big in the photos. From the New York Times:

But he’s still a really big steer and that likely saved his life:

Its enormous size — just three inches short of the Guinness World Record for tallest living steer — saved it from certain death, its owner said. No one bought it for slaughter at an auction last month because potential buyers said it wouldn’t fit in their farm equipment.

Now he just gets to hang out all day and eat and do whatever else it is cows do all day long:

Or he could have a future in the NBA?

For the Knicks, of course…