In a now-deleted Instagram post, billionaire magazine and lifestyle mogul Martha Stewart recounted her Uber ride from hell that’s left her questioning the tech company’s management.

“I ordered the most expensive version to pick me up,” she wrote in the caption that’s mysteriously vanished for some odd reason because she’s not embarrassed by it at all.  “The first Uber did not show up” and “the second Uber came ten minutes later and parked halfway down 57th street where I could not see the license plate.”

Making matters worse, the Uber was “facing east” and Martha “had to go west and south.”

She also posted photos of the positively dystopian interior of the Uber, which she called a “mess inside and out” followed by multiple exclamation points for emphasis.

Screenshot here:

Of course, NYC is recovering from a snowstorm which might explain why the Uber driver didn’t have a chance to clean the inside outside of his car, but that’s no excuse and thankfully Stewart called him out publicly for his bad behavior:

How dare this driver not vacuum out his car like this? Does he not know how expensive these shoes probably are?

Stay strong, Martha. It will get better. And please ignore the bullies on social media mocking you over it:

Exit question: Has a GoFundMe been set up yet to help her deal with the fallout from this crisis?


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