It’s that time of year again where journos write their hot takes on how to survive the inevitable Thanksgiving political debate, so why not share a funny one instead?

Here’s Fox News’ Chris Wallace with his tips, via the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”:

They are…

No. 1: Serve Wild Turkey!

No. 2: No fighting at the table. Utilize backyard fighting pits for adults — and kids! — instead:

No. 3: Add extra tryptophan to the turkey and put your family to sleep:

No. 4: Be polite and say “excuse me” when you want to leave the table or “freedom of the press is the cornerstone of our democracy” (this one might start a fight, tbh):

And, finally, No. 5: Rather than fight over who does the dishes, just move:

4 out 5 ain’t bad.



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