Editor’s Note: This post has been updated:

By now you’ve probably seen this viral video from Twitter user @Masudaliii accusing employees of a Minneapolis area Chipotle of racism after the crew members, many of who are white, asked @Masudaliii and his friends, who are black, to prove they had money to pay for their food before they’d prepare it:

According to Chipotle’s Twitter account, the manager was fired over it:

But users quickly pointed out to Chipotle that @Masudaliii has a history of stiffing restaurants on the bill, which he’s bragged about in now-deleted tweets:

Screenshots, how do they work?

More the deleted evidence here:

Over to you, Chipotle:

Thankfully, they’re looking at this new information now:

And hopefully it costs Chipotle a lot of money to make things right with the fired manager, because that’s not how you should treat your employees:

Update: She reportedly was offered her job back: