Um, if this is true, why would the U.S. grant asylum to members of the caravan who are attacking other members of the caravan because of their sexual identity?

From the AP, reporting that the journey is “just as threatening” as the violence they face back home:

Dozens of transgender women and gay men in the caravan moving through Mexico with hopes of seeking asylum in the United States have banded together for protection — not from the uncertainty of a journey fraught with danger from the gangs who prey on migrants but from their fellow travelers.

Fleeing violence and discrimination back home because of their gender identity or sexual orientation, these LGBTQ migrants have found the journey north to be just as threatening amid catcalls and even physical abuse.

“Sweet little thing!” ”Baby, where you going?” ”How much do you charge?” These all-too-familiar jeers are spewed at them as they make their way with the caravan of several thousand.

So the asylum seekers are seeing asylum from the other asylum seekers. Got it?




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