With 6105/6105 precincts in Florida reporting, Ron DeSantis was elected governor of Florida over Dem challenger Andrew Gillum by a slim margin, 4,051,715 (49.73% ) to 3,996,384 (49.05%). Now in Florida, an automatic recount is triggered if the winning margin is less than 0.5 of 1 percent. So, no recount.

Except if you’re Kathy Griffin. Because in her world, Andrew Gillum never meant to concede the race and he will win the recount and then, apparently, some mythical “runoff” election that doesn’t even exist:

Also, thankfully Gillum has a white woman around to tell him what he actually thinks:

We assume she’s confused Florida with Georgia, which does have a runoff if neither candidate hits 50%:

From Vox:

A critical piece of this puzzle is that in Georgia, unlike in most American states, you need a majority of all votes cast rather than a plurality to win the election. That means that even though Abrams almost certainly won’t get enough votes out of the absentee ballot to actually overtake Kemp, she does stand a chance of doing well enough to push him below the 50 percent threshold. (Libertarian candidate Ted Metz has about 1 percent of the vote.) That would trigger a runoff on December 4 that would give Abrams a chance to prevail.