Remember this photo from a year ago with the hosts from “Today” all dressed up for Halloween? Gone this year, of course are Megyn Kelly and office sex dungeon aficionado Matt Lauer:

Now, we don’t know what costumes the “Today” show cast will wear tomorrow, but while we wait for that, have a look at this brewing battle between Ben Shapiro and Al Roker on whiteface vs. blackface.

First up, here’s Shapiro accusing Hoda Kotb of wearing “whiteface” in her portrayal last year of Blake Shelton:

His larger point was to ask what exactly is NBC’s policy on all of this in light of Megyn Kelly’s dismissal from the network:

Because why is it OK for Lester Holt to dress in whiteface?

Here’s Holt as Susan Boyle:

Anyway, this is when Al Roker jumped in to defend Kotb, saying she never wore “whiteface” for the shot:

Alright, but what about Lester Holt’s costume then? As Shapiro asked, what’s NBC’s policy, if there is one?