So, this happened last night on CNN:

That moment came right after the two CNN hosts hammered the White House and Sarah Sanders for their response to the bomb threat:

Transcript via the Daily Mail, starting with Chris Cuomo:

…And I can do you ugly if I want to. I don’t know how that’s not a moment that doesn’t just defend — you know, Sarah Sanders responded to Jeff Zucker’s statement. Jeff Zucker is the president of CNN.’

Lemon interjects: ‘Sarah, sit down. Have a seat, please.’

Cuomo continues: ‘So, she’s the press secretary. She says, the president said that no act of violence like this should be tolerated, and then you call him out instead of calling for unity. How dare you do that? You know, look, all of you guys have to make your own lot.

‘I talk to you guys in the White House about this on a regular basis, what you ignore, you empower and you are part of the same message. You got to make a choice.

‘And if you’re going to call out Jeff Zucker for what he said when your president was up at a rally today and he didn’t say any of the things he needed to say, when you wrote the words for him, that’s on you too,’ he concludes.