At today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, only two senators bothered to show up to ask questions of Trump’s nominees:

Yes, we get that the Senate is in recess but this is pathetic, especially from Dems who just a few weeks ago went all “Spartacus!” on SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh:

And it’s not like Dems actually approve of today’s nominees:

The Dems couldn’t have sent one senator to ask questions?

This seems like a wasted opportunity for Dems to just roll over like this:

But somehow it’s Trump’s fault that Dems didn’t show up:

And this is LOL-funny from former Hillary staffer Brian Fallon who accused Dems of letting Cocaine Mitch shove them “into a locker” and “have their lunch money taken.” From Politico:

“If the Democrats were going to fast-track all those Trump judges to get out of town for the rest of October, the least they could have gotten for their trouble was a commitment from McConnell to not still hold hearings while the Senate was adjourned,” said Brian Fallon, who leads liberal judiciary group Demand Justice. “It wasn’t enough for Democrats to let themselves get shoved into a locker, they also had to have their lunch money taken.”

This is what capitulation looks like. Dems know they can’t do anything to stop the qualified nominees, so they’re not even going to try.