Elizabeth Heng is a California Republican who is running against incumbent Democrat Rep. Jim Costa in state’s 16th congressional district. And what’s also clear about Ms. Heng is that she’s a woman and her opponent is man. Like here she is talking about domestic violence with other women, including Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister:

Which is why we find it quite odd that MSNBC Kasie Hunt accused the female Fresno small business owner of sexism over an ad that portrays Rep. Costa walking in Nancy Pelosi’s shoes:

FFS. Now Republican women are sexist over humorous ads? Give us a break. Oh, and she’s mean, too:

And here’s Heng explaining the ad:

“If you heard about a politician who voted against the Farm Bill; supports higher taxes, more spending, and gun control; and who sticks by a money-wasting bullet train, you might think of Nancy Pelosi. It’s actually Jim Costa. Watch my new ad, now!”

Watch the whole thing here:

FWIW, the Cook Political Report lists the race as Likely Democrat.