A Texas mom has gone viral after she chased down her 14-year-old son who had stolen her new BMW and gave him a whipping with a belt on the side of the road:

The whole chase was chronicled by the teen’s sister (he’s 14, not 13 as she wrote in the first tweet of this awesome thread):

That’s when the mom sprang into action, with the big sister in tow to film it all. First stop, the girlfriend’s house:

And here’s the belt the mom took along for when she caught her son:

Mom got some help from the mom-network to find the miscreant:

And now dad is in on it:

And now for the well-earned beating. “Give me the belt,” our hero says as she leaves the car. The best part, however, is the sister laughing through it all:

As punishment the teen was forced to help out at his family business sweeping floors, etc. and he lost his PS4 and phone:

Bonus: Here’s the mom in action set to the theme from “Cops”: