There’s a new ad out paid for by the “Fire Ted Cruz” PAC that hits Senator Ted Cruz for being a fan of White Castle because there are no actual White Castle restaurants in Texas and any *real* Texan would like Whataburger:

Former Obama staffer Dan Pfeifer called the ad, which also hit Sen. Cruz over his Canadian roots,  “so good”:

We actually covered the White Castle clip back in 2013. Cruz was actually talking about how Obamacare was hurting White Castle’s business:

Another ad from the same group suggested Sen. Cruz should kick Trump’s “a**” for criticizing his wife and father:

OK, that one was funny. But funny ads don’t win races:

And as Harry Enten pointed out on CNN this morning, Beto O’Rourke just isn’t getting Latinos enthused enough to come vote for the Irish-American Democrat with a Spanish nickname:

Enten also said at the end of the segment that Beto probably “has more enthusiastic supporters in NYC than he does in Texas”: