Remember this story from a few days ago about Stephen Miller eating glue as a 3rd grader? As we told you, the teacher who gave the interview that spawned all of these hot takes has since been suspended:


And now that she’s been suspended, HuffPost totally rewrote the article to focus on that and rat-holed it’s rah-rah glue-eater narrative:

This is now what appears at the bottom of the article:

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story originally centered on the comments from Miller’s third-grade teacher. A public figure’s behavior when they were a child is not by itself newsworthy, and we regret treating it as such. The story has been updated throughout to focus on the teacher’s suspension.

What a joke:

And this:

Better late than never?

We wish more media outlets had better judgment in the first place:

Because we know that the HuffPost never would have run an article like this of a Dem administration: