The Log Cabin Republicans Twitter account posted screenshots of two now-deleted tweets from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins from when she was in college in an effort to paint her as homophobic.

In one tweet, she called another Twitter user a “fag” and in the other she said “Idk if I wanna room with a lesbian”:

She has since apologized for the “ignorant language”:

Are we really doing this again?

We’re not sure this is going to have the effect they want it to have:

Why are they even doing this?

As noted above, Collins used to work for The Daily Caller and some of their reporters are not happy with Log Cabin Republicans calling her out like this. Here’s Christopher White who covers energy policy for website:

And here’s Peter Hasson who covers politics, media and culture:

But we will point out that if this were a Fox News reporter, we all know how different the reaction would be from CNN: