ICYMI, on Sunday we called out liberals who were attempting to dunk on Kanye West over his tweet on abolishing the 13th Amendment, noting that what the singer and entrepreneur was really getting at was how the 13th Amendment, which did end slavery, also allowed for the continued use of prison labor. In other words, Kanye was advocating for prison reform, which the Washington Post noted:

From the Post, which argued how the 13th Amendment is tied to the “prison industrial complex” and privately owned prisons:

As the “13th” documentary explores, many scholars, Perkinson included, have pointed to this convict-leasing system as the birth of mass incarceration and the “prison industrial complex.” It refers to the belief that private prison companies’ bottom line and prisoners’ production of goods for private businesses, such as furniture or license plates, is a main driver of mass incarceration.

And Kanye has talked about this before:

West himself railed against it in “New Slaves,” on his 2013 “Yeezus” album: “Meanwhile the DEA/teamed up with the CCA” — a private prison corporation — “They tryna lock n—-s up/They tryna make new slaves/See that’s that privately owned prisons/Get your piece today.”

Of course liberals, missed this, including Alyssa Milano who we told you yesterday tweeted a potentially racist Gif at Kanye yesterday, with the phrase, “Make Kanye Kanye Again.”

But the best part of Milano’s rage at Kanye? SHE AGREES WITH HIM ON PRISON REFORM AND PRIVATE PRISONS:

All this hate for Kanye because he wore a #MAGA hat when he’s out there fighting for the same exact issues? They’ve really lost it.