The Washington Post’s “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin has struck again, this time wrongly semaring Arizona prosecutor Rachel Miller who was just chosen to question Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at Thursday’s hearing as “someone from Sheriff Joe’s operation” and that “no self-respecting lawyer would take the job of giving cover to GOP cowards”:

For starters, where her evidence of that “Sheriff Joe’s operation” line?

Hint: There isn’t any:

Rubin does know how this works, right? RIGHT?

Apparently not:

This smear looks to have been started by the HuffPost’s Matt Fuller in a now-deleted tweet:

She needs to correct this, too:

“She doesn’t care” though:

And as for that “self-respecting lawyer” dig, Mitchell is well regarded:

And — surprise — she “was one of the prosecutors tasked with finding out why hundreds of sex crimes were unresolved or not adequately investigated by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office”:

Always. Wrong.