Via Jason Schreiber at the NH Union Leader, workers in Rye, NH ran into a little bit of a problem when they attempted to transport this dead whale to a site for study by marine biologists. Whoops:

They then brought in a larger dumpster:

Why did they think the whale would fit in the dumpster in the first place? Were they hoping it would like bend in half and then fit?

From Schreiber’s write up:

RYE – The dead minke whale that didn’t quite fit in a small dumpster spent Monday night sitting in the parking lot at Jenness State Beach awaiting a larger one that arrived Tuesday morning.

The dumpster was used to safely transport the 16-foot juvenile whale from the beach to a site where it will be examined by marine biologists Wednesday morning to determine a cause of death.

The remains will then be composted, according to Ashley Stokes, manager of the Seacoast Science Center’s Marine Mammal Rescue Team.

Again, did anyone measure?

While officials knew a larger container would be better, Stokes said the hope was that the whale would fit diagonally. The plan didn’t work and it became clear that a larger container would be needed.

The cause of death is still under investigation:

Still, everyone knows the BEST way to dispose of a dead whale is dynamite: