Need a break from Politics Twitter tonight?

We thought you might.

If so, check out these videos and stories of all the heroes rescuing pets throughout the Carolinas in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

The South Carolina National Guard in action:

As is the 82nd Airborne:

And so is the U.S. Coast Guard:

Video of the Coast Guard rescue:

Journalist Marcus DiPaola rescued these 6 dogs that were left locked in a shed in a flooded backyard:

And there are countless stories of regular folk pitching in to help:

This is great:

More heroes:

This gentleman rescued 64 dogs and cats using a school bus:

Volunteers from New York City helped out, too:

Please, don’t leave your pets behind:

And just to circle back to a story we covered Friday night, the mother and child who died when a tree fell on their house were only there to check on their dogs:

Before the storm even hit, dozens and dozens volunteered to board animals from a local shelter:

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