We never expected Gov. Andrew Cuomo to actually lose in tomorrow’s primary in New York, so why is Amy Schumer pulling her support from Cynthia Nixon at this late date? Here’s Schumer saying Cuomo is not her “fav due” but she like his “connections upstate” and that she can’t support Nixon any longer because she wouldn’t know “what the heck to do”:


Schumer had donated $10,000 to Nixon’s campaign, which is totally normal behavior if you still don’t know if the candidate is qualified:

Or it’s because Nixon is a woman? Could be:

Anyway, *we* don’t give a crap what Amy Schumer does or doesn’t do, an attitude which is echoed by Vox’s Alex Abad-Santos:

Right? Imagine caring what Amy Schumer is up to:

It’s a real mystery why this Schumer endorsement is even news:

Honestly, we just don’t get it:

Maybe Abad-Santos can investigate and write a Vox ‘splainer on it?