Vox’s Matt Yglesias declared Friday night that the “conservative intellectual class” and Ben Shapiro is how we got Trump:

But as Ben Shapiro rightly points out, it was actually Yglesias who was more pro-Trump than Ben Shapiro during the primaries:

We remember this vividly:

From the article:

I’m more sanguine. Not out of any particular love for Trump, but because he’s actually running on a much less extreme agenda than his “establishment” rival Marco Rubio, who’s offering a platform of economic ruin, multiple wars, and an attack on civil liberties that’s nearly as vicious as anything Trump has proposed — even while wrapping it in an edgy, anxious, overreaction-prone approach to politics that heavily features big risky bets and huge, unpredictable changes in direction.

And it’s not just Ben who’s pointing this out: