The New York Times has a new piece out on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s use of state planes and helicopters in 2017 with a whopping 195 trips taken:

And he’s still using the state plane this year as he campaigns for a third term:

One flight in 2017, Cuomo flew to New Jersey for a breakfast with Chris Christie of all people. The diner where he met Christie was reportedly only 13 miles from Cuomo’s office:

He’s helping, he says:

For comparison purposes, Christie, who was skewered for his use of state aircraft, took “nearly 100 trips from 2015-2017”:

Of course, Gov. Cuomo is a big believer in telling voters how important it is to cut emissions to save the planet. Your emissions that is, not his:

He must have a personal carver out for the Paris agreement that lets him use a helicopter to go 13 miles:

“Withdrawing from the Paris Accord is reckless.” But 195 trips on state aircraft is prudent?

What a gigantic hypocrite.