Tennis officials at the US Open in New York City have been accused of sexism after France’s Alize Cornet was penalized after she briefly took her shirt off on the court to turn it rightside-out:

You see, the players are given breaks to change their shirts, but the women have to change inside the locker room while men get to change on the court:

US Open officials have since realized their error and will now let any tennis player change his or her shirt on the court, which is as it should be:

From the US Open’s statement:

“All players can change their shirts when sitting in the player chair. This is not considered a Code Violation”

Which brings us to this prediction on what comes next…

Future Post: U.S. Open Officials Accused of Sexism After TV Cameras Linger On Women Players Changing Their Shirts On The Court

You know that’s what comes next, right?