Germany, we ask this with all due respect, WTF is happening?

Imagine being this young woman and having cops tell her there’s nothing they can do about it because he was also a registered refugee?

More from France 24:

Her refuge in Germany, where she took language lessons, was cut short on February 21 when a man called out her name in a supermarket and started talking to her in German.

“He told me he was Abu Humam. I told him I didn’t know him, and then he started talking to me in Arabic,” she said.

“He told me: ‘Don’t lie, I know very well that you’re Ashwaq’,” she said, adding that he gave her home address and other details of her life in Germany.

After that experience, she immediately phoned the local police, who told her to contact a specialised department.

The judicial police in the Baden-Wuerttemberg region of southwestern Germany said an inquiry was opened on March 13 but that Ashwaq was not present to answer questions.

A spokesman for the German federal prosecutor’s office told AFP that so far the man’s identity could not be confirmed “with certainty”.

And, SURPRISE! This isn’t an “isolated incident.” From the BBC:

However, activists in Germany say her case may not be an isolated incident.

Düzen Tekkal, an activist and the founder of Hawar.Help, a Berlin-based organisation which campaigns for Yazidi rights, says she has heard of several cases where female Yazidi refugees recognised IS fighters in Germany.

Ashwaq herself says she heard similar accounts from other Yazidi girls who had escaped the jihadists.

Not all cases are reported to the authorities, however.

Germany, do better.


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