Wait. The prosecutors of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office only eat the orange Starbursts? WTF is up with that? From the New York Times:

Or maybe it’s the judge in the Monfort trial that only eats the orange ones and he’s sharing them with Mueller’s team? It’s hard to tell what’s going on here, or why it’s even in the article. More from the New York Times:

The prosecutors snacked on Life Savers and orange-colored Starburst candy from jars that sat near Judge T. S. Ellis III. They drank from worn foam cups marked with their initials. Next to them sat a black catering-style cart labeled “Property of SCO” — Special Counsel’s Office — piled with binders of documents.

We do know, however, that the president does not like orange Starbursts. Via the Washington Post reported from January:

President Trump and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) were alone in the presidential suite on Air Force One, flying east toward Washington in early October, when the president reached for a handful of Starbursts, the square-shaped candy fruit chews.

But instead of unwrapping all the treats, the president was careful to pluck out and eat two flavors: cherry and strawberry, McCarthy noticed.

“We’re there, having a little dessert, and he offers me some,” McCarthy recalled in an interview. “Just the red and the pink. A bit later, a couple of his aides saw me with those colors and told me, ‘Those are the president’s favorites.’ ”

And he allegedly threw Starbursts at German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

Maybe the prosecutors are eating only the orange ones because President Trump sometimes has an orange hue in photos?

We mean, this could be it. They’re eating the orange ones as some sort of anti-Trump Bat Signal:

FWIW, the orange ones are the least popular:

Until now. Now they’re soon-to-be the official candy of the Resistance!