Brian Fallon is pretty psyched that a meaningless poll on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh finds his support “underwater” with “15% favorable, 28% unfavorable, and 57% unable to give an opinion”:

Fallon, who was on the team that thought winning the popular vote meant something in the 2016 election, also seems to think this polling will mean something to Senators when they start confirmation hearing on Judge Kavanaugh in a few weeks.

But he’s mistaken, as the only “poll” that matters is of the 100 Senators, as conservative Hale Razor so aptly points out:

Slam dunk:

And Brian is still on his don’t-worry-about-Wisconsin strategy:

We even win if it’s a tie:

But it doesn’t look like Sen. McCain will be voting so it does get a little more complex that 51-49:

And let’s not forget to thank who made this possible! Former Majority Leader Harry Reid, everyone: