What did CNN’s Jim Acosta think would happen when he posted this picture gazing at his own reflection while waiting to go on Stephen Colbert’s show?

Yep! Twitter did its think, and it was spectacular. Check out the Top 10 photoshops we’ve seen…

No. 10: “Mirror, mirror on the wall…”

No. 9: Harry Potter and his parents.

No. 8: That time Acosta got shushed at the White House.

No. 7: What’s Joe Biden doing there?!

No. 6: “How Jim Acosta sees himself vs. how the rest of us see Jim Acosta.”

No. 5: Wait, wut?

No. 4: HAHAHA!

No. 3. “Perception Vs Reality.”


No. 1. Yes, this isn’t a photoshop of the original photo, but IT’S PERFECT:



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