As we told you last night, the special election in Ohio’s 12th congressional district is still too close to call with Republican Troy Balderson holding a 1754 vote lead over Democrat Danny O’Connor and celebs like Alyssa Milano already blaming the Green Party for the loss. Here’s the latest count via the New York Times:

There are about 3000 provisional ballots out there that still need to be counted in the coming days:

If Balderson’s margin of victory drops to .5%, then there will be a recount:

So, anything can still happen, but it’s looking OK for the GOP.

But blue-check libs, despite the math not proving their point, are furious at Green Party candidate Joe Manchik for his potential spoiler role. This guy ==>

LOL. We HOPE he does become the difference after all the counting is done, because this is just too perfect. Imagine how great it will be if we can say undocumented aliens — real aliens from outer space –helped defeat the Dems? The screenshot below is from his Facebook page:

Hey, if Manchik’s distant relatives stayed home in the Pleiades star cluster where they belonged, Dems could have won!

Oh, and thankfully we now have a Space Force to deal with Manchik and his ilk: